Logitech Harmony Universal Remote

Hamilton Tech Source has installed hundreds of TV and Home Theatre setups, and one thing that everyone has in common is the coffee table piled high with different remotes for each and every item in their setup. Our preffered universal remote control is Logitech's Harmony line up of remote controls. Not only can these remotes be programmed to control all of your components, they can also be programmed to turn on multiple devices at the same time and switch your TV and receiver to different inputs.

Logitech Harmony Line Up

Harmony 350 Combine up to 8 remotes in 1. Control your TV, cable or satellite box, DVR, Blu-ray player, sound system, and more. Press the Watch TV button to turn on your TV, cable or satellite box, and more. Each one powers up with just the right settings. Jump to the channel of your choice with 5 programmable Favorite buttons.

Harmony 650Color Smart Display - See just what you need, like icons for your favorite channels and the commands you need for the devices you're using. The smart display provides help when you need it.
One-click activity buttons - Simplify your entertainment experience. Once it's set up, just select what you want to do and Harmony 650 does the rest.
Replaces 8 remotes - It's easy to say good-bye to that jumble of remotes on the coffee table. Intuitive design - Buttons are grouped by their functions, shaped to help you navigate, and backlit so you always know where you are.

Harmony Ultimate OneYour remote, evolved - Motion-activated backlit keys and touchscreen - Eyes-free gesture control - Vibration feedback - One-touch Activities for IR devices - Rechargeable - Simple to use design - Both the screen and the backlit keys light up when the remote senses motion. A gentle vibration tells you a command is received. - Eyes-free gesture control - Keep your eyes on your entertainment. Simple swipes and taps change channels, adjust volume, or control playback. - Make it your own - Personalize the 2.4inch color touchscreen with frequently-used commands, Activities, and up to 50 channel Favorites.

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