Can you provide the right mount for my TV?

Yes, we certainly can. We provide the mounts for all of our installs at incredible prices.

Can you supply the wires required for my TV and components?

Yes, we can supply HDMI, Component, Coaxial, and Optical wire at unbelievable prices! Don't waste your money on components from local stores when we can provide them at a fraction of the price.

What surfaces can my TV be mounted on?

Your TV can be safely mounted on Drywall with wood studs, drywall with steel studs, Brick, Concrete, Plaster, and tile

Can my TV be mounted above a fireplace?

Yes, we can mount your TV above a fireplace, but that is not always the best place to mount. Depending on height, and the size of the room, the TV may be too high. It's also not recommended due to possible over heating issues with the TV

I'd like to mount my TV in the corner, is that an option?

Yes, we can definitely mount your TV in a corner. This requires a full motion mount which we can provide.

Is it possible to have my TV mounted in my apartment/condo?

Typically, the walls in apartments/condos are concrete walls, or drywall with steel studs. Both walls are suitable for TV mounting.

Can you hide the wires on a concrete wall?

We can't hide them behind the wall, but we use a wire channel that keeps the wires organized, while still allowing you to add additional wires in the future, please see our gallery for examples.

Are you available on weekends?

Yes, we can definitely schedule installations for Saturday and Sunday

I work a 9-5 job, is it possible to schedule the installation after 5pm?

Yes, we are available until 10pm

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